This is a resource and reference guide for travel jobs in different hospitality industries. This eBook has endeavored to include different types of travel jobs that are found within and around the United States and Canada. It is intended to provide information about different travel jobs/careers, qualifications needed to secure these jobs as well as advice on where to obtain further information. 

Employees in the travel industry form part of a vital service chain to travelers – whether as part of a prearranged travel itinerary or an ad hoc plan – the overall objective is to make the customers’ travel experience more memorable by offering quality and friendly service. 

There are many different kinds of travel jobs but all fall distinctly into two main categories, namely: – 

i)       Skilled jobs – these are jobs that require specialized training, thorough knowledge and understanding of the job. Examples of such careers include; pilots, chefs, gaming (gambling) attendants, paragliding and so forth.

 ii)     Unskilled jobs – these are jobs that do not require much specialized training and may generally require a person merely to possess some basic knowledge or talent in the hospitality industry. Examples are waiters, entertainers, housekeepers, car – park valets and so forth.

 As a general rule, most companies employ skilled personnel mostly on a full time basis. This requires one to work for a pre – determined amount of hours per week. On the other hand, although some companies still employ unskilled labor on a full time basis, it is possible to get a part – time job in the travel industry. However, it is advisable for job applicants to negotiate with the employer at the application stage to identify a work schedule that suits them.

It is also possible to be self employed in the travel industry. A few examples of areas where you can provide a travel related service as an independent contractor include; travel guides, wedding and event planners, entertainment, sales, just to name a few.

Obviously, different types of jobs will have different remuneration packages depending on a number of factors, mostly determined by industry benchmarks. As we delve into specific categories, we shall also highlight the educational and physical requirements for different travel jobs.

 Lastly, the legal requirements for travel job applicants may vary from state to state in the United States and the different provinces of Canada. What is legal in one state, province or country may be illegal in another. Examples of jobs that may fall in this category are those related to gambling, game hunting (animal sports), paragliding or hot air ballooning. Besides, some jobs such as those that relate to winter sports or animal migratory patterns are seasonal. Therefore, it would be wise for an individual to familiarize themselves with the legal requirements and weather patterns of the location selected for a job.

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