Travel Companion Jobs

Travel companion jobs is one of those travel jobs that people dream about.  A travel companion is someone who goes along on a trip with someone.  There are a lot of different reasons that someone would want to have a travel companion.  Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • To assist someone that is handicapped or needs help to get around
  • To give on going medical care and medical attention to someone on the trip
  • To accompany a minor, or someone that needs supervision
  • To give company and companionship to someone that just doesn’t what to travel alone.

There are pros and cons to a travel companion job.


  1. You get to travel at someone else’s expense


  1. You don’t get to choose where you travel
  2. You don’t get to choose when you travel
  3. You have to be with the person that you are traveling with.  Sometimes around the clock
  4. If your customer is handicapped or requires medical attention, you might go a lot slower than you want to go.
  5. You probably won’t get to do what you want to do on the trip.



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